Massage therapy has been around for centuries and it is the best form of not only biological renewal, wellness and relaxation, but also tranquillity of mind. In Prestige Spa our staff use massage as an integral part of the treatment for both personal care and physiotherapy.

In Prestige Spa, we believe that professionally made massage hugely contributes to your health, and it does cause any pain. Only in special cases this type of treatments are needed, but they must be given by an exercised specialist who knows these methods and can implement them effectively.

Types of massage:

  • classical
  • exotic – with the use of accessories
  • relaxing – with the use of special massage oils and aromas
  • original massages

Our original massages are given only by our Prestige Spa. Due to the fact that we combine a variety of massage techniques suitable to the conditions of our guests e.g. bamboo drainage or hot stone massage. Our experienced therapists will examine your body in order to select massage techniques, accessories, temperature and pressure. Our customers, who decided to try original massages, willingly return to Prestige Spa as it provides them with notable health benefits.

Our staff have been sharing their knowledge and experience in the field of massage for 10 years in Karkonoska Akademia Masazu.

Do not give in to your pain! Visit our Prestige Spa!