Luxury cosmetics for demanding clients

Prestige Spa brings the world top quality cosmetics that are far better than those found in widely available shops or chemist’s.

Professional care products really affect the condition of your skin by boosting its density, as well as moisturizing its surface. However, to make your treatment really effective, you need to have a professionally done diagnosis of your skin. The use of wrong cosmetics may harm your skin, but well-chosen cosmetics will definitely improve its condition and appearance.

That is why Prestige Spa offers you cosmetics of the highest quality. We have been working with Biokosmetyka Company for eight years – it’s the only representative of brands such as: Babor and Living Dimension, the most prestigious cosmetic brands in Europe.

Babor is the world leader in professional and luxury cosmetic skin care in Germany. Living Dimension, on the other hand, is a leading manufacturer of cosmetics in Austria. Both of these brands use modern technologies to manufacture cosmetics from natural ingredients which allows to combine the effectiveness of these ingredients to enhance their performance.

It is very important for the owners of Babor and Living Dimension to ensure that their products are only used by highly qualified specialists who properly diagnose the condition of the skin and apply appropriate cosmetics so that the quality of the spa will correspond to the prestige of these brands in terms of standard. In order to achieve such standards, Babor and Living Dimension train the specialists who use their products. We are extremely proud to be among them!

Luxury treatments

In Prestige Spa each treatment is preceded by an ultrasound cavitations cleaning included in the price of the treatment.

Treatments that are especially tailored to customer needs require the use of modern equipment of brands such as La Bella, VIP Line and anti-wrinkle iron, Abacosun. Undergoing just one treatment leads to:

  • reduction of your wrinkles,
  • enhancing of your flabby body parts,
  • enhancing the tension of your skin and oval-shaped body parts.

This care has extraordinary effects, such as great mood and smooth, revitalized and radiant complexion.

La Bella device is used to perform treatments such as: clearing treatment (the latest, painless method), moisturizing, regenerating and shallowing of wrinkles. After the treatment, the skin is clean and stimulated for regeneration and collagen production. This is the basic treatment for all skin types.

Come and check our wide range of treatments for face and body care.

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