Dear Guests,

To ensure that all our guests can relax and unwind, please follow the spa etiquette and policies.

  1. Please schedule your spa treatment in advance in person or by phone (extension no. 192).
  2. Please ensure you are on time. Arriving late will require the spa to shorten the length of your treatment.
  3. Please ensure that your mobile phone is off during your time at spa.
  4. Please notify us of any cancellations four business hours in advance. If no notification is provided, fifty percent treatment price will be charged.
  5. It is recommended that you notify the therapist of any health concerns prior to treatment. Any information you share with the therapist is confidential.
  6. Please remove any jewellery and valuable belongings prior to treatment.
  7. It is recommended that you limit food consumption prior to massages and some active care treatments.