Prestige Spa in ARTUS Hotel is a special place where the stuff care about your health and beauty. We offer not only reach and diversified spa & wellness treatments, but also make use of modern knowledge in the field of cosmetology and physiotherapy. In addition, we implement our own well-tried solutions.

Our services are based on:

  • knowledge and big experience of Prestige Spa manager who has worked in the field of physiotherapy for 20 years and in the field of spa & wellness for 12 years,
  • professional team of specialists in cosmetology and physiotherapy,
  • top quality equipment used for shaping and weight loss of brands such as VIP Line and Watermass as well as anti-cellulite and anti-wrinkle iron,
  • luxurious cosmetics of brands such as Babor and Living Dimension,

What makes us unique?

  • We are proud to inform you that our own well-tried solutions have been created as a response to our customers’ needs. Our herbal peelings and anti-cellulite krio treatments are given only in our Prestige Spa,
  • Pregnant woman are offered not only a wide range of health and wellness treatments, but also massages on a special adjustable bed,
  • Men have a special set of treatments to choose from in order to suit their face and body individual needs,
  • We are pleased to inform our guests of the results of our therapies and treatments. Our staff have the knowledge and proper skills to achieve balance between health, beauty and well-being. We offer discreet and professional services which make our Prestige Spa very attractive to potential customers.

Korzystne pakiety

We offer our treatments in advantageous packages such as: one day stay, a few day stay, including Christmas, the winter holidays or long weekends. Artus Hotel offers all the comforts you need to feel really relaxed and improve your health and beauty.


Top quality of our services was propen by awards in the contest of Prestige Spa Awards 2013 organized by „Eden” magazine – highly regarded as one of the best in apa & wellness business:

  • 2nd place for the best Spa in Poland,
  • 3rd place for the best cosmetic medi Spa,

As well as a place in the rank of the 10 the best spas in Poland, according to the business magazine -„Forbes”.

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We invite you to discover our wide range of treatments: massage, physiotherapy, facial care, body care, body scrubs, bath, treatments for hands and feet.

Luxury within your reach! Prestige Spa, Artus Hotel, tel. 75 761 85 22, 607 627 800