Physiotherapy treatments include:

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Physiotherapy treatments

  • Magnetic therapy, 25 min.
    This practise involving the use of magnetic fields has positive and beneficial health effects: it not only enhances the healing of wounds and ulcers, but also enhances regenerative processes, revives tissues as well as improves peripheral circulation. It eases various pains, relaxes your body and acts as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Inhalations, 15 min.
    This is a therapeutic treatment during which patients inhale therapeutic agents that facilitate expectoration of secretion. Also, they inhibit airway inflammation and reduce swelling of the bronchial mucosa.
  • Local cryo therapy, 5 min.
    Appling low temperatures proves to be a great painkiller treatment. It causes not only a congestion of certain parts of the body that enhances healing of certain body injuries. Our list of recommendations in terms of treatments with low temperatures is long and it is constantly growing.
  • Ultrasound treatment, 5 min.
    It is a common practise to use acoustic waves of low frequency imperceptible to human hears. Giving ultrasound treatments may relief the tension in your mussels and have painkilling and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Laser, 5 min.
    A relatively young treatment. Laser biostimulation enhances not only blood circulation, nourishment and regeneration of cells, but also stimulates protein synthesis and contributes to the development of nerve cells.
  • Solux Lamp, 10 min.
    Infrared radiation produces thermal effects on tissues as well as stimulates skin receptors. This therapy is commonly given in cases of chronic inflammations, neuralgia and pains of different origin.
  • Bioptron Light Therapy, 8 min.
    It is an accordingly polarized light that supports the process of biostimulation. The light naturally helps the body to release its own healing potential.
  • Peat poultice, 20 min.
    Poultice is a type of peat consisting of many organic and inorganic compounds released in contact with the skin under the influence of temperature. This treatment is given in cases of rheumatic conditions, inflammations, nerve pains and degenerative diseases.
  • Galvanization, 10 min.
    Galvanization is a electromedical procedure that uses direct current through two electrodes on wet pads located under the treated area. The treatment may decrease nervous sensitivity. Galvanization is often applied in chronic nerve inflammation.
  • Ionophoresis, 15 min.
    It is an electrotherapeutic method which involves the implementation of therapeutic ions into the tissues with the usage of electrical field. Depending on the drug given, the effects are anti-inflammatory or analgesic.
  • Diadynamics, 10 min.
    Diadynamic currents are generated through concurrent application of various currents. Depending on what current we apply, the effects may be analgesic, muscles my grow, blood vassals may widen.

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