Prestige Spa offers a wide range of massages

  • Classical full body massage, 50 min.
  • Classical partial body massage, 30 min.
  • Reflexology foot massage, 25 min.
    It is an old Egyptian foot energy massage based on recognition that every part of the body responds to a precise point on the feet. By applying pressure on these reflex points, one can release and balance the whole body.
  • Chinese bubble massage, 25 min.
    Chinese bubble massage is very popular massage which effectively reduces swelling and skin changes. It is one of the best treatments to treat cellulite.
  • Partial hot stone massage, 30 min.
  • Full body hot stone massage, 50 min.
    A combination of traditional massage techniques with the use of hot basalt stones. This massage is very relaxing and calming as well as reduces the effects of stress and overwork.
  • Candle massage, 25 min.
  • Full body candle massage, 50 min.
    Our unique candles used in warm, deep massage have been created from a blend of precious oils of the highest quality. The unique aroma of candles makes it a wonderful experience and puts you into a state of sensual experience and deep relaxation.
  • Back massage with bamboo whisks, 25 min.
  • Full body massage with bamboo whisks, 50 min.
    This type of massage not only significantly improves circulation and metabolism, but also reduces swellings and has a positive effect on water management at the level of the skin, which is important for anti-cellulite therapy. In addition, the massage stimulates the entire body.
  • Full body herbal ball hot compress massage, 50 min.
    This kind of massage has its origin in Thailand. In this massage we use hot ball compresses filled with herbs and natural oils. The gentle warming effect of herbal ball massage is extremely relaxing, harmonizes the internal state and makes the skin softer.
  • Bamboo massage, 50 min.
    Relaxing massage performed using bamboo sticks that are rolled over the body. The sticks have different thicknesses and lengths; they are adapted to massage techniques and size of the body. This massage relieves muscle pains, headaches, back pains, improves one’s mood and skin condition.
  • Four hand full body massage, 30 min.
    This kind of massage is performed by two massage therapists simultaneously. Synchronized hand movements give a great anti-stress feeling of relaxation.
  • Honey full body massage, 50 min.
    Miód jest naturalnym środkiem „wyciągającym” toksyny z organizmu, a dodatkowo otwiera pory, dotlenia, odstresowuje i relaksuje.
  • Chocolate massage with peeling at the beginning and balsam at the end, 90 min.
    The aim of this treatment is to achieve a mental and physical balance. Peeling makes the skin cleaner and healthier, massage relaxes the body, and balsam gives a great feeling of energy.

Massages for men

  • Tequila massage, 60 min.
    Full body massage preceded by light peeling with tequila is the best way to clean the skin. It is an old Mexican treatment which turns out to be a great experience in our conditions. Tasting is advisable!
  • Khanya of Africa, 120 min.
    This massage revitalizes and gives you a noticeable energy boost as well as brings the soul of Africa to life. It is an exotic journey of indulgence calming your body and soul. The exotic atmosphere and sophisticated scents bring back life-giving energy. Ritual face and body care. It is a treatment for men, but it is also available for women.
  • Pure Therapy, 90 min.
    Cleaning treatment for men which not only boosts your mood and relieves stress, but also improves the condition of your muscles and, by applying herbal scents, cleans your body and mind.