Well-cared-for hands and nails make women beautiful and men handsome. So do feet.

Manicure and pedicure are essential for hand and foot care. Prestige Spa uses modern, medically sterile equipment (e.g. modern nail file drills), and OPI products: professional gel, hybrid, vinylux and traditional hair sprays.

We care for the natural nail plate and therefore we do not lengthen it with artificial products. We believe that the service contradicts the concept of wellness, upsets hand aesthetics and destroys natural beauty.

We offer podiatry treatments which care for health and aesthetics of the foot. Podiatry is a new branch of medicine devoted to the study of problems and deformations of the foot. There is a considerable demand for foot care and treatments among tourists visiting Karpacz whose long hikes and walks highlight bone and joint problems such as callous, ingrown toenail, flat foot and motor system.

Prestige Spa in Artus Hotel in Karpacz closely combines podiatry treatments with foot, hand and nail aesthetics.

See our offer regarding hand, nail and foot care treatments for more details.