Facial care

  • Babor Prestige Spa:

    • Mimical Control, 60 min.
      This treatment is given in order to lift and smooth your wrinkles. One of the most frequently performed treatments in our spa, which gives the most spectacular effects.
    • Vita Balance, 60 min.
      It is an intensive care for dry skin. The treatment provides deep hydration as well as promotes nutrition and protection.
    • Advanced Biogen, 60 min.
      This kind of treatment not only restores deeply and strengthens your tired skin, but also boosts the vitality of your face.
    • Moisture plus treatment, 60 min.
      Intensively moisturizing treatment of your sensitive eye areas. It stores moisture in your skin, regulates its water management as well as smoothes the skin around the eyes and reduces swelling.
    • Crash kur, 60 min.
      Intensively moisturizing treatment based on active ingredient concentrates active in ampoules. Moisturizes and helps to retain moisture in the skin, improves blood circulation and effectively smoothes wrinkles.
    • Direct beauty, 60 min.
      Direct beauty is a treatment with the use of a collagen patch which quickly gives you charming and beautiful appearance. The treatment effectively reduces wrinkles, increases skin elasticity and makes your complexion to glow.
    • Zloto Maroka, 60 min.
      This treatment enhances skin flexibility, intensely stimulates the synthesis of collagen in the skin as well as provides an adequate level of hydration, smoothing and nourishing.
    • Pure select treatment, 60 min.
      This kind of care is dedicated to for skin prone to contamination and it involves eye care, skin cleaning and smoothing and sebum reduction. Your skin gests the desired colour and becomes shiny, smooth and firm.
    • Complex C, 60 min.
      This rejuvenating care with vitamins not only improves the lipid layer of the epidermis, but also stimulates the regeneration processes. Extracts from the checker tree, goji and acai berries are rich in vitamin C and therefore they efficiently revitalize the skin and protect it from the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Living Dimension:

    • Intensive procedure that regenerates, 90 min.
      The treatment results in improvement of your appearance, rejuvenation, firm skin, shallow wrinkles, oval face modelling as well as ultrasonic stimulation of collagen production.
    • Redefining Facial Oval (Muscle Stimulation), 60 min.
      Treatment in a form of an exercise for facial muscles with visible effects such as lifting of the chin or the corners of your eyes.
    • Cleaning Treatment (contaminated skin), 60 min.
      This kind of treatment is recommended for people with contaminated skin covered with pimples. It not only removes the dead skin and blackheads, but also unblocks and cleanses pores. Also, the treatment painlessly cleans the skin, regulates sebum production as well as helps in the treatment of acne.
    • Moisturizing Care for Young Skin, 60 min.
      This treatment enhances hydration of your skin. It is recommended not only in early spring after the heating season or in the summer when the skin is dry, but also after a visit to the solarium. The treatment supplements epidermis with water and enhances skin flexibility.
    • Long-lasting, Deep Hydrating Facial, 60 min.
      This kind of treatment is given in case of dehydrated skin that needs smoothing. It restores the natural lipid coat of the skin, reduces transepidermal water loss and fine wrinkles as well as stimulates cells to their natural regeneration.
    • Facelift, 60 min.
      This is a lifting treatment that enhances microcirculation and oxygenation of the skin on your face and tightens it so that the pores are less visible. The complexion becomes refreshed and smooth in order to produce longer effects of the treatment.
    • Caviar and Liposome Exclusive Treatment For Mature Complexion, 60 min.
      This is an exclusive and pleasant treatment of your facial/neck skin which enhances regeneration, deeply moisturizes and stops the aging process. Just after the first visit to our spa, your skin is regenerated, deeply hydrated, smooth and in good condition. Your skin retains moisture in the outer layers, forming a protective barrier against external factors as well as regains beautiful and young appearance.
    • Pearl magical treatment with the extraction from silk, 60 min.
      This kind of treatment intensively moisturizes your skin, eliminates the effects of tiredness, regenerates and restores the skin’s delicacy. Thanks to the use of white and black pear, your skin becomes delicate and has a pearly lustre.
    • Regenerative Treatment with the use of algae mask, 60 min.
    • Vitamin C Treatment, 60 min.
      The treatment smoothes a variety of discolorations, revitalizes and nourishes, strengthens blood vessels, neutralizes free radicals as well as supports the synthesis of collagen.
    • Smoothing and Rejuvenating Treatment with Retinol, 60 min.
      Intensive treatment given on mature flabby and thin skin. It makes your skin look younger and increases its flexibility.
    • Collagen Treatment, 60 min.
      This treatment is recommended for women and men in their early thirties whose skin is not firm and flexible. It significantly improves immunology, compactness and pigmentation of the skin as well as smoothes your wrinkles.
    • Sensitive Skin Treatment, 60 min.
      This treatment is given in case of sensitive and irritated skin. It not only nourishes and strengthens your skin, but also stimulates the natural hydration and protects it against external factors. In addition, the treatment stimulates microcirculation and the removal of toxins.
    • Face massage with mask, 60 min.
      This kind of treatment restores skin harmony and energy balance.
    • Skin Treatment (eye area), 60 min.
      Nourishing and relaxing treatment for the skin around your eyes with an ampoule and massage stones.
    • Massage of your face, neck and shoulders, 60 min.
      This kind of massage restores harmony and an internal sense of balance and energy.
    • Direct Beauty, 30 min.
      Direct Beauty not only quickly restores beautiful look and reduces fatigue, but also highly moisturizes your body. It is ideal for skin in need of immediate refreshing.
  • Dye

    • eyelashes
    • eyebrow
  • Eyebrow shaping

  • Face cosmetics for men

    • Babor Men, 60 min.
      Babor Men is a revitalizing and moisturizing treatment for men with special care of the skin around your eyes. The treatment strengthens the skin regeneration process and neutralizes free radicals. It slightly brightens and smoothes the skin, providing it with moisture. It may reduce the tension and smooth the redness of your skin.
    • Cleaning treatment, 60 min.
      This treatment regulates the production of sebum, reduces irritation and facial impurities and gives the skin a uniform colour.
    • Nourishing treatment with an relaxing effect, 60 min.
      This treatment stimulates cell renewal processes, refreshes and gives a feeling of relaxation and freshness.

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