Body care treatments

  • Babor Prestige:

    • Body Spa Firming Algae Pack, 75 min.
      Beauty of the deepest ocean – it’s an algae intensive care for dry and tired skin. The treatment moisturizes, cleanses and invigorates your skin.
    • Body Spa Fruity Beauty, 90 min.
      Rejuvenating power of nature brings you brightening and smoothing fruit facials and body treatments! Our fruit cocktail provides your skin with essential vitamins and protects it against free radicals. It has rejuvenating effect and gives the skin a beautiful fresh look.
    • Khanya of Africa, 120 min.
      This is a holistic treatment that provides new energy, employing elements of traditional knowledge about the nature of Africa. What makes it an unforgettable experience is the combination of special types of massage and sophisticated scents that bring back life-giving energy. The treatment is for both women and men and includes ritual face and body care.
    • Herbal Beauty, 60 min.
      This is a herbal full body peeling with massage that removes impurities, enhances the skin smoothness and softness. A massage together with the aroma of our selection of herbs have both relaxing and unwinding effects.
    • Body Repair Treatment, 90 min.
      This is a special treatment for skin with stretch marks and scars that reduces them and supports the process of tissue regeneration. It revitalizes and intensively regenerates the skin, providing it with many valuable minerals.
  • Rejuvenating spa capsule treatment, 60 min.
    The combination of steam and aromatherapy treatments gives surprising results. It perfectly meets the needs of individuals who are physically and mentally tired and wish not only to rest and relax, but also to improve the condition of their skin. Each treatment begins with full body peeling that refreshes the skin and prepares it for absorption of active substances of modelling masks. The heat applied during these body treatments makes the absorption of active substances not only safe, but also very effective.


  • Watermelon – moisturizing and anti-cellulite treatment
  • Chocolate Treatment – stimulation of fat burning
  • Green Apple Treatment – slimming
  • Colourful Clay Treatment – firming
  • Red Wine Treatment – strengthening and regenerating
  • Body Wrap Treatment, 90 min.
    These treatments can remove toxic substances from your body, improve circulation, firm the skin and reduce cellulite. Properly selected preparations will help to nourish and moisturize the skin. Also, we offer a massage suited to your individual needs. It is combined with exclusive cosmetics together with relaxing music that gives you an unforgettable experience. Each treatment in the capsule is preceded by full body peeling.
    • fruit therapy – multivitamin therapy having a revitalizing and energizing effect; it brightens the skin in all types of complexion,
    • chocolate therapy – it nourishes and regenerates, stimulates the production of endorphins, introduces your body into a state of well-being and relaxation,
    • coffee therapy – provides a comprehensive care for your skin, cleans your body, regenerates, slims and increases vitality,
    • yogurt therapy – this therapy not only restores your skin hydration and freshness, but also improves its flexibility and prevents from sagging,
    • wine therapy – stimulates the production of collagen and elastin; it’s a therapy with strong antioxidant as well as moisturizing properties,
    • pure therapy – it’s a cleaning and relaxing treatment for men that improves mood and relieves stress. A special massage boosts the condition of muscles; herbal scents clean your body and mind.
  • Slimming and anti-cellulite treatments:
    • Watermass, 90 min.
      It is a modern water cellulogy treatment given only in Prestige Spa, Artus Hotel in Karpacz. It is an intensive endomassage that brings remarkable effects of draining, eliminating cellulite and excess body fat.
    • Anti-cellulite Cryo, 60 min.
      The treatment is only given in Prestige Spa, Artus Hotel in Karpacz, particularly for buttocks, thighs and hips. During the treatment, the cellulite on your body is subject to local cryo therapy (-120 degrees. C). A properly intensive massage is performed at a specific time after the completion of freezing. After the treatment, the degree of cellulite clearly decreases, so does the tendency to retain water in the tissues. The skin becomes supple and well moisturized.
    • VIP Line, 45 min.
      This kind of treatment is very effective when it comes to weight loss programs in the following areas: abdomen, thighs, buttocks and arms (up to 4 cm less after the first treatment). It enhances the relaxation of your body (including pregnancy), improves face and body lifting, strengthens the muscle structure and reduces cellulite.

Hair removal:

  • whole legs
  • calves
  • bikini line
  • Brazilian
  • shoulders
  • armpits
  • moustache
  • beard

In Prestige Spa, Artus Hotel we perform hair removal using strips, but in the most delicate areas we use so-called soft wax. The condition of hair determines what kind of technique is applied.