Various treatments and baths have been very popular throughout centuries, especially milk baths used by the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. It is an excellent way to improve skin condition and your mood. That’s why baths are very popular even today!

In Prestige Spa we combine all baths with hydro massage. A set of baths together with massage is a great combination without a doubt!

We offer two basic types of baths:

  • Healing in iodine and bromine salt from Bochnia,
  • Nursing: in milk, beer, wine or herbal one.

A brine bath is a proven traditional Polish way to keep you healthy. It is very effective in the treatment of rheumatic diseases , gynaecological disorders and dermatological illnesses. Sportsmen use the baths as an important element of regeneration as they relieve muscle pain, joint and nerve pain and enhance the body’s internal defence reactions.

The baths in wine and beer include tasting. These baths help to relax your tensed body and improve your mood. It is a great choice for couples!