Our herbal peelings are natural and effective. While preparing them we derive our knowledge form the long tradition of Polish herbalists who made Karpacz famous in the sixteenth century. It is thanks to them that an unknown village in the Karkonosze Mauntains was turned into a flourishing centre known throughout Europe. To this day, many of their recipes help people use herbs in effective and beneficial way.

Prestige Spa is the only place in Poland which offers the use of herb peelings, which prove to be very effective in various treatments. This kind of peeling is a great supplement to a variety of massages and other body or facial treatments. Our staff prepare them by themselves on the base of mineral oils and herbal blends from local and reliable gatherers.

In Prestige Spa, we can find out what influence do the herbs have on our body – herb properties:

  • disinfection,
  • antifungal,
  • help in the treatment of scars and stretch marks,
  • help in the treatment of an excessive sweating,
  • help in the treatment of allergies.

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